Our first meeting

our first meeting


9 thoughts on “Our first meeting

  1. It’s great to have this network up and running and thanks to those who made it happen. I’ll ciriculate details to all the doctoral students at the Tavistock/UEL. Also we’ll promote the network through the Centre for Social Work Practice http://www.cfswp.org.
    best wishes
    Andrew Cooper

  2. Thank you Andrew. I have also added the details of your up and coming conference event ‘States of Mind in Social Work and Society: Methodological innovations in social work research’ to this website….hopefully I will see you there.

    For all those who couldn’t make it to the meeting the other day and who have some ideas about what the doctoral social work conference/ workshop might include…or how this network could be shaped/ developed, then please feel free to post them here….we welcome your comments! And look forward to hearing your views/ suggestions 🙂

  3. I think it’s a great idea to have a website like this! Im in the final year of my doctorate (hopefully) and would like to contribute to this forum.

      • Hi Jad…I, like Sonia, am in my final year and it is flying past. What I am starting to worry about is ‘jobs’……after I finish (if I finish!!!). There seem to be so many different career paths -research only jobs, lecturing, lectureships, fellowships- that I am not sure which one is the best to choose…..I hope the conference event might be able to address this in some way because I am still not sure what each one really involves and/ or which one would be of benefit to me.

  4. Hello Jane. Thank you very much indeed for your comment. Jad and I are also both in the final year and share the same anxieties regarding future career paths. Other students who answered the survey also identified this as something that they would like more information about. I think it is something that we could definitely address at the conference. One suggestion would be that students who have recently completed their doctorates discuss the different routes that they have taken. Would that be helpful? Does anybody have any other suggestions? Lisa

    • Hi Lisa
      Yes that would be helpful…I would really appreciate that. I like the idea of your book club by the way…I have been meaning to read that book for ages (I too have heard it’s good) so will definitely be getting it and might read it over the Christmas break! Jane

  5. Hi Jadwiga and co
    Thanks for putting up a link to the SW and Wales doctoral conference in January, I was just about to put a comment here about it and saw it – fast work! Looking forward to meeting you in the New Year.

    • Thanks Jon, we look forward to seeing you there….for all reading this, we have added a new page especially for the Wales and South West England Social Work Doctoral Conference on this site which you can get to via the links at the top.

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