Wales and SW England Social Work PhD Conference 7th January 2013 – and beyond

We had an email from Jon Symonds, a social work doctoral student at Bristol University, who organised the Wales and SW England Social Work PhD Conference which took place yesterday.

Jon writes:

Dear Colleagues
A big thank you to everyone who came along, showed an interest in and joined in the day yesterday which was great fun and very stimulating.
I have uploaded all the presentations to the website so for those who weren’t able to make it, they are well worth a look (though I’m afraid you’ll have to imagine the discussions!).
Just to recap on other developments as well, next year’s event will be organised by colleagues at Swansea University so look out for information later in the year (and start thinking about those abstracts).
And for those who are interested in a national (both England and Wales national, thanks Vanessa!) platform for social work doctoral students, check out the website here for developments on a national conference.
Thanks again

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to all social work doctoral students! Hope you had a good break and are feeling motivated.

I am now in my third year and starting writing up my thesis. I am finding it really daunting as writing is not my forte – I much prefer to read and to chat to other students! One tip I have been given by my supervisor is to write every day so I get into the flow of writing. I am determined to do this and hope it will help. I would really welcome any tips from other doctoral students – what works for you???