The Reading Book Club

This month sees the launch of the Social Work Doctoral Network Book Club. The first book we have chosen to read and review is:

 Becky Hope (2011) I’ll Never Give Up On You (London: Hodder & Stoughton).

Hope’s memoir weaves together stories from her 20 years as a child protection social worker and we’ve been told “it’s worth a read for lots of reasons!” …but we chose it mainly because we thought that it might be of benefit to all those carrying out research in this area or for those using qualitative methods such as narrative interviewing, ethnography or action research….

We’d love you to all contribute to the discussion, so please feel free to visit the site and contribute your ideas to the blog. Naturally we know you’ll all need time to get the book and then read it…so we don’t plan to start discussions properly until January 2013.

In the meantime however, we would welcome some suggestions as to what books you would like to read and review, in the future, with the swdoctoralnetwork. Please forward your suggestions to:


One thought on “The Reading Book Club

  1. Hi all…..apologies for the late start but the Reading Book Club will officially start reviewing the above book from Friday 15th of February. Please feel free to join in!

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